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  1. There are two ways to do this;① Find out the emergency battery box, install four no.5 batteries, and then insert them into the emergency battery box jack of the combination lock. After normal opening, replace the batteries inside the cabinet door.(2) Find the emergency key, insert the emergency key jack, turn left or right 45 degrees, at this time the electronic password lock has been opened, and then open other locks.
  2. Safe on market/ark common lock has: mechanical password lock, electronic password lock, fingerprint lock, card lock.

    Mechanical combination lock safe: oldest

    Advantages: cheap price, long storage time;

    Disadvantages: cumbersome operation, can not change the password.

    Electronic combination lock safe: the most popular

    Advantages: easy to operate, input wrong password or abnormal alarm, can modify the password;

    Disadvantages: need to replace the battery regularly, the service life of mechanical type.

    Fingerprint lock safe:

    Advantages: fingerprint unique, not easy to be cracked open;

    Disadvantages: The price is more expensive

    Card type lock password box: swipe card open, common in hotels and other public places

    Advantages: easy to use, can be associated with magnetic card;

    Disadvantages: magnetic cards are easy to be stolen or lost, and easily damaged by strong magnetic lock.

  3. 1. Which battery to choose?

    Please use no. 5 AAA high quality leak-free alkaline battery, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the battery when placing the battery, according to the positive and negative polarity mark on the battery box, do not need to remove the battery from the battery box for a long time.

    2. Keeping of product user manuals and other accessories

    Please keep the product user manual, door lock key, emergency key, electronic key, battery box, plastic keyhole pole, shopping invoice, warranty card and other accessories in a safe place.The user manual records the product number and password of the safe and cabinet, the factory is based on the product number and product model to establish the technical file of the product, according to which the user can retrieve the password of the safe and cabinet, which is particularly important for the mechanical safe and cabinet.Pay attention to do not lock these accessories into the safe, cabinet, in case the safe, cabinet can not open even emergency opening means are not.For a double-door safe, you are advised to label the keys of the upper and lower doors to prevent the keys from being stuck in the lock and unable to be pulled out after misuse.After the password is modified, it is best to record on additional book, lest forget to bring the trouble that opens a lock after.Keep the key and password separately for added security.

    3. Use environment of the coffer (cabinet)

    Safes and cabinets are suitable for indoor use under normal temperature.In the humid and corrosive gas environment, there is strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, will make the coffer, cabinet surface paint off, discoloration, plastic parts discoloration, aging, surface rust, oxidation, electronic components performance instability caused by failure.

    4. Maintenance of the safe

    After safe surface has besmirch, cannot be swabbed with chemical dissolvent, usable clean dishcloth touches a few cleaner to swabbed.The outstretched bolt and the roller of the drawer can be lubricated with a little lubricating oil. A little pencil powder can be injected into the key lock core, which can make the key plug and unplug and rotate more easily

  4. Safe besides cent: outside the function of fire prevention, guard against theft, can classify more for: family is used, company is used, financial industry is used etc.The sales sources and functions of such products are roughly divided as follows:

    First, the general furniture line, iron cabinet line to provide products mainly from domestic, Japanese, Korean and other fireproof safes.As most of these products are sold at low prices, most of them have no national security test, and are not suitable for customers to place important documents and valuables.

    Ii. The safes provided by professional agents are more professional and perfect than ordinary furniture shops in terms of functions of anti-theft and fire prevention, size and after-sales service.Most of the products have been tested and certified by international organizations, so the quality of the products consumers buy is guaranteed.

  5. Value, not price, determines the value of a safe.The key is the brand, and a good brand is already accompanied by quality products and good service.Of course, the comparison method is also a method, choose their relatively satisfied products to compare the product performance of other brands, at the same time to find out the price difference between brands to do a measure.However, in the case of a small price difference or choose high security products more reasonable.Of course, those who choose a safe to want to consider still have the factor of a lot of other respects, for instance: exterior, brand, color, wait to the requirement of guard against theft grade, consumer should compare only more, can find a safe that suits oneself certainly, make your family property management is extremely anxious!
  6. The dependence of use habits is mainly on the choice of locks by consumers.The safe-deposit box on the market is mainly mechanical and electronic.The main characteristic of mechanical type is to use the traditional method, the general consumer is easy to accept, but the password replacement is difficult.Electronic password replacement is convenient, can realize more functions, the current market is favored by a higher degree.
  7. Safe main performance of guard against theft, fire prevention, antimagnetic, waterproof, explosion-proof, such as different requirements should buy safe, now on the market in China is mainly anti-theft safe, only a few brands have such ai spectrum fire-proof safes, we contact most at ordinary times is also guard against theft and fire safe, as household, main consideration or guard against theft, since chose anti-theft safes,That is to see the performance of the safe against theft.The following factors affect the security performance of the safe:

    1, the hardness of the material (mainly steel plate) : the harder the material, the more difficult to pry deformation, not easy to be drilled;

    2, the gap between the door: the smaller the gap, the thief used to steal tools will be unable to start, now the market is better laser cutting technology, the gap between the door will be up to 0.3mm.

    3, door plate and door frame process processing: door plate and door frame is the connection point of the safe, how to deal with the basic safety performance of the product, because almost all the safe stolen from this.At present, the overall laser cutting technology is used in the door panel and door frame on the market, so that the door panel and door frame are in the same horizontal plane of the flat frame technology, so that the theft tools can not find the focus of support, safety performance is greatly improved;Here there is an important technology - door frame and door plate link technology is also an important technical index of anti-theft performance, such as the revolving door bolt on the market now, break through the traditional straight into the lock technology, the door bolt in the lock is rotated 90 degrees, T-shaped door bolt will be the door plate and the door frame buckle;So in the purchase of safe do not single to weight to measure the safety of the safe, a kind of cement safe on the market is very heavy, very poor safety performance.

  8. Purchase before the first to determine the location of good placement, and then according to the size of the location to buy the safe, the size of the choice of the main consideration of two aspects. the first is according to the need to store the size of items to measure, especially should consider the storage of items long, wide, high maximum size and box matching; The 2nd it is the demand that accords with safe installation position, the safe depth that installs at wall body commonly does not exceed 20 centimeters, the depth that installs at chest does not exceed chest depth (chest depth standard is 60 centimeters). Still have a problem we also must consider to go in: that is the bearing capacity that places safe place, be in especially put in bogu wear or other mesa, or it is buried in chest, do consolidate ahead of schedule, because safe is heavier, prevent be out of shape or burst.
  9. Buy a safe in fact a lot of cases in the house decoration design stage will be considered, according to the different location of the safe application, can consider buying different safe, usually household safe place has the following three:

    1 It is buried in a closet or bedside table or other hidden place.If you want to put the safe placed in the wardrobe, in the customized wardrobe to consider the location of the safe placed;

    2 It is fixed or buried in the wall.If you're going to bury a safe in a wall, make sure it's big enough.So as not to decorate the hole again;Of course, the decoration can be fixed on the wall with expansion screws, but the effect is beautiful;

    3  it is to put directly at bookcase or bogu rack.Present the safe on market from the processing of color and craft all can go up with household complete confluence, from the exterior sometimes already cannot distinguish is safe, namely safe beautiful.

  10. We check the products one by one before do the bulk packing.
  11. We are a professional manufacturer of safes.
  12. Public and hotel safes mainly include guest room safes, lobby safe deposit boxes, lobby cashier boxes and other varieties.