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Gun Safes

Gun Safe is a must in some countries where people are allowed to carry guns, such as USA, Canada, Austrilia, etc. Law says that people need to have gun safe to keep guns or rifles or pistols. The biggest market for gun safe or gun cabinet is USA.

And many countries can also hold guns for hunting activity and army activity , such as EU, and Asia and Africa. So gun safe needs is increasing every year.

Usually gun safe has three categories, fireproof gun safe, non-fireproof gun safe(gun cabinet) and pistol safe. Fireproof gun safe has UL listed fireproof resistant gun safe and VDS listed fireproof gun safe. America prefer UL listed fireproof resistant gun safe, while EU prefer VDS listed fireproof gun safe. non-fireproof gun safe is cheaper than fireproof. Pistol safe is more and more popular.

Gun Safe or Rifle Safe has gun holder to keep guns or rifles, and door organization holster to keep pistols.

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