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How to evaluate the security of the safe?

Safe main performance of guard against theft, fire prevention, antimagnetic, waterproof, explosion-proof, such as different requirements should buy safe, now on the market in China is mainly anti-theft safe, only a few brands have such ai spectrum fire-proof safes, we contact most at ordinary times is also guard against theft and fire safe, as household, main consideration or guard against theft, since chose anti-theft safes,That is to see the performance of the safe against theft.The following factors affect the security performance of the safe:

1, the hardness of the material (mainly steel plate) : the harder the material, the more difficult to pry deformation, not easy to be drilled;

2, the gap between the door: the smaller the gap, the thief used to steal tools will be unable to start, now the market is better laser cutting technology, the gap between the door will be up to 0.3mm.

3, door plate and door frame process processing: door plate and door frame is the connection point of the safe, how to deal with the basic safety performance of the product, because almost all the safe stolen from this.At present, the overall laser cutting technology is used in the door panel and door frame on the market, so that the door panel and door frame are in the same horizontal plane of the flat frame technology, so that the theft tools can not find the focus of support, safety performance is greatly improved;Here there is an important technology – door frame and door plate link technology is also an important technical index of anti-theft performance, such as the revolving door bolt on the market now, break through the traditional straight into the lock technology, the door bolt in the lock is rotated 90 degrees, T-shaped door bolt will be the door plate and the door frame buckle;So in the purchase of safe do not single to weight to measure the safety of the safe, a kind of cement safe on the market is very heavy, very poor safety performance.