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The use environment of the safe

Buy a safe in fact a lot of cases in the house decoration design stage will be considered, according to the different location of the safe application, can consider buying different safe, usually household safe place has the following three:

1 It is buried in a closet or bedside table or other hidden place.If you want to put the safe placed in the wardrobe, in the customized wardrobe to consider the location of the safe placed;

2 It is fixed or buried in the wall.If you’re going to bury a safe in a wall, make sure it’s big enough.So as not to decorate the hole again;Of course, the decoration can be fixed on the wall with expansion screws, but the effect is beautiful;

3  it is to put directly at bookcase or bogu rack.Present the safe on market from the processing of color and craft all can go up with household complete confluence, from the exterior sometimes already cannot distinguish is safe, namely safe beautiful.