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Daily maintenance of the safe

1. Which battery to choose?

Please use no. 5 AAA high quality leak-free alkaline battery, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the battery when placing the battery, according to the positive and negative polarity mark on the battery box, do not need to remove the battery from the battery box for a long time.

2. Keeping of product user manuals and other accessories

Please keep the product user manual, door lock key, emergency key, electronic key, battery box, plastic keyhole pole, shopping invoice, warranty card and other accessories in a safe place.The user manual records the product number and password of the safe and cabinet, the factory is based on the product number and product model to establish the technical file of the product, according to which the user can retrieve the password of the safe and cabinet, which is particularly important for the mechanical safe and cabinet.Pay attention to do not lock these accessories into the safe, cabinet, in case the safe, cabinet can not open even emergency opening means are not.For a double-door safe, you are advised to label the keys of the upper and lower doors to prevent the keys from being stuck in the lock and unable to be pulled out after misuse.After the password is modified, it is best to record on additional book, lest forget to bring the trouble that opens a lock after.Keep the key and password separately for added security.

3. Use environment of the coffer (cabinet)

Safes and cabinets are suitable for indoor use under normal temperature.In the humid and corrosive gas environment, there is strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, will make the coffer, cabinet surface paint off, discoloration, plastic parts discoloration, aging, surface rust, oxidation, electronic components performance instability caused by failure.

4. Maintenance of the safe

After safe surface has besmirch, cannot be swabbed with chemical dissolvent, usable clean dishcloth touches a few cleaner to swabbed.The outstretched bolt and the roller of the drawer can be lubricated with a little lubricating oil. A little pencil powder can be injected into the key lock core, which can make the key plug and unplug and rotate more easily