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What are the different locks for safe deposit boxes, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Safe on market/ark common lock has: mechanical password lock, electronic password lock, fingerprint lock, card lock.

Mechanical combination lock safe: oldest

Advantages: cheap price, long storage time;

Disadvantages: cumbersome operation, can not change the password.

Electronic combination lock safe: the most popular

Advantages: easy to operate, input wrong password or abnormal alarm, can modify the password;

Disadvantages: need to replace the battery regularly, the service life of mechanical type.

Fingerprint lock safe:

Advantages: fingerprint unique, not easy to be cracked open;

Disadvantages: The price is more expensive

Card type lock password box: swipe card open, common in hotels and other public places

Advantages: easy to use, can be associated with magnetic card;

Disadvantages: magnetic cards are easy to be stolen or lost, and easily damaged by strong magnetic lock.