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How to choose the size of the safe?

Purchase before the first to determine the location of good placement, and then according to the size of the location to buy the safe, the size of the choice of the main consideration of two aspects.

the first is according to the need to store the size of items to measure, especially should consider the storage of items long, wide, high maximum size and box matching;

The 2nd it is the demand that accords with safe installation position, the safe depth that installs at wall body commonly does not exceed 20 centimeters, the depth that installs at chest does not exceed chest depth (chest depth standard is 60 centimeters).

Still have a problem we also must consider to go in: that is the bearing capacity that places safe place, be in especially put in bogu wear or other mesa, or it is buried in chest, do consolidate ahead of schedule, because safe is heavier, prevent be out of shape or burst.