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The emergence of safe technical standards

    Before the standard of security and fire protection of safe products was born, safe manufacturers used mutual testing and competition to prove the quality of their products and gained the market.

    In the early 1940s, Amsec was established in the United States. After the rapid and stable development after the war, Amsec has gained a leading position in the world. Its product catalog is known as the “safe Bible”, and even UL fire and theft standards are modeled on the company’s corporate standards.It was not until the 1960s and 1970s that there were real test standards for the anti-theft and fire performance of safes. The United States designed UL anti-theft and fire standards based on THE CORPORATE standards of Amsec, while Europe also designed THE anti-theft and fire standards based on the UL standards. China’s national standards were promulgated in 1989.The UL standard is also used as a reference.