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Diversified development of safe technology

     Safe development begins from 18 centuries up to now, its structure does not have too big change it seems, but to get used to different environment and function, subdivide gives countless kind however, some breed had deviated from the modelling of box even, but guard against theft, security still is its basic function.

    The safe is always an important part of the security system, with its function of the fine, the safe is more and more widely used by ordinary families.As a result of the emergence of the new storage is not broken birth, safe also constantly adapt to the needs of the development of The Times, categories continue to expand, varieties emerge, such as to adapt to the collection of magnetic record material antimagnetic safe;To meet the needs of calligraphy and painting, antique collection, with moisture-proof, waterproof safe.

    The history of safe development is the history of people’s struggle against thieves.In the constant battle with thieves, safe technology has also improved and developed.The course that anti-theft safe has gone through is: wood + iron hoop → cast iron + rivet → steel plate + anti-drilling hard steel → steel plate + concrete → multiple steel plate + composite materials.Its application scope is also expanding, mainly business office, bank, government, public security, hotel, jewelry, etc., into ordinary people’s homes, become one of the household furniture of ordinary people.