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Bending/stamping processing

Bending/stamping processing principle:

The upper and lower die respectively fixed on the folding bed, under the table, the use of hydraulic transmission or the relative motion of the servo drive workbench, the shape of a combination of upper and lower die, so as to realize in plate bending forming, generally divided into the lift and lift, the basic principle of bending sequence: from the inside out to bend bend from small to large. Bending special shape first, then bending general shape, the former process after forming the subsequent process does not have an impact.

Common uses of bending/stamping equipment:

Molding, pumping convex hull, pressing foot, pressing line, embossing word, rivet, riveting electrostatic guide, pressure grounding symbol pumping hole, riveting, pressing, pressing triangle reinforcement.

Machining accuracy of folding bed:

Ten percent: + / – 0.1 mm

20% fold: +/- 0.2mm

More than two fold: +/- 0.3mm